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Vote Democrat? YGTBSOS!

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“This pandemic gives Democrats a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”
— Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC), Chairman of the House Pandemic Oversight Committee, April 2nd, 2020.

I am quite sure there are those of you who are pondering the meaning of the acronym YGTBSOS. Well, today is our traditional “Stuck on Stupid Saturday,” and, as you may know, SOS stands for “Stuck on Stupid.” When you think about it, SOS is also a distress signal, code, that is sent out. Therefore, the title of this missive, if you still choose to vote Democrat [Socialist], well, you are sending out a distress signal that You’ve Got To Be “Stuck On Stupid.”

Now some would say, c’mon Col. West, that is really harsh, mean, and you should not be name-calling. Actually, I am none of the aforementioned. If anything, there is a sense of pity for those who are so intellectually lazy. These are our misguided American brothers and sisters who are truly calling out to us, seeking attention, and help from the sensible, educated, and principled. It is no different from little children who are acting out, who are in need of discipline, structure, guidance, order. So it is therapy time for my progressive socialist friends: lay down, take a deep breath, and let’s discuss why voting Democrat [Socialist] is an indicator of being “stuck on stupid.”

First, let’s start with this entire chicken little “the sky is falling” COVID-19 fiasco. Have you ever asked yourselves why some are advocating for the shutdown of our nation’s economy over a virus that has a 99.6 percent recovery rate? See, it is quite easy, and the playground of the simple, to just put up a number and screech. That is what you see on liberal progressive media outlets. However, an astute individual would not just throw up numbers but offer an analysis. We keep bantering on about the “number of cases.” What exactly does that mean? Well, it means someone got sick. But, if you are going to report the number of people who got sick, then also report the number of people who are not sick, and those who were sick and recovered.

It is easy to throw up the number of people who have sadly died. But, the “non-stuck on stupid” analytical mind would ask, what are the demographics of those that have lost their lives? We would see an age group breakdown. I have a simple question: can anyone tell us how many Americans under the age of 65 with no underlying medical conditions have lost their lives solely due to COVID-19? While you are doing that assessment, inform us just how many Americans have lost their lives who had underlying conditions, what type, and their ages.

See, when you are “stuck on stupid” you go running all about senselessly wearing a mask, alone, in your car, with the windows rolled up because you are not seeking a deeper understanding or explanation. One of the consequences of being “stuck on stupid” is that you become a mindless lemming, or as Vladimir Lenin put it, a “useful idiot.” That is why progressive socialists get angry and start shouting, screaming, and frothing at the mouth when they engage in intellectual discourse with constitutional conservatives…they are ill-equipped to do so, resulting in abject temper tantrums. Hence my comparison to little children.

Just like little children, when you see the smarter kids doing well, you get resentful and seek out ways to attack them. Perhaps that is why we have the insidious “snitch lines” where leftists, those who vote Democrat [Socialist] can ‘report’ on those not adhering and complying with stuck on stupid orders, mandates, edicts, and decrees.

Ask yourselves what is the justification of a 10 pm curfew in a city of 260,000 where there have been 17 COVID-19 related deaths? Ask yourselves: why are we ordering, “quarantining” healthy people? Yes, knowing that over 85,000 Americans have died is tragic, but how many Americans die annually from heart disease, cancer, and other medical conditions, or even traffic accidents? Do we then enact abjectly idiotic policies that result in 36 million Americans being unemployed?

A Democrat [Socialist] believes that a liquor or marijuana store is essential, a church is not. A Democrat [Socialist] thinks that doing nails or eyebrows in your own house is criminal. A Democrat [Socialist] believes that reopening your own business, and not apologizing or admitting to being selfish deserves seven days in jail. A Democrat [Socialist] believes that COVID-19 is not gonna git ya in a Walmart, Home Depot, or Lowes….but it will devastate a small Mom and Pop owned business.

Just yesterday the Democrat [Socialist] Party once again proved who they are with the passing of a $3T spending package which is nothing more than a socialist economic wish list. Why? Because Democrats [Socialists] do not believe in economic independence and empowerment. Nope, they want economic enslavement and dependency. As James Clyburn stated, this pandemic gives Democrats a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit their vision. What is that vision?

As reported by Fox 5 News Baltimore:

“Melony Wagner is hoping she’ll be given the green light to reopen her restaurant Charles Village Pub in Towson soon.
However, she says her employees who are collecting unemployment aren’t itching to come back just yet. “They don’t want to because it’s less money. I’m not even angry or upset I understand. Why would you want to come back and actually work and make half as much money and you’re working as you can get to stay home,” she said.

Economist Anirban Basu says the CARES Act which gives an extra $600 a week in federal aid to unemployed workers is what’s making it hard for the private sector looking to cobble together a staff once again. “Because the federal government’s unemployment benefits are reasonably generous, $600 a week on top of ones state unemployment insurance benefits there might be some folks who decide I’m not really going to go back to work until August,” he said. When the federal aid runs out at the end of July Basu anticipates more people heading back to work. “By August we should have a labor market that’s functioning more like normal, but unemployment will still be very high,” he said.

Wagner can only hope things return to normal soon and her employees come back. “It’s a very difficult position to be put in right now honestly. I know everybody loves the extra $600 a week it’s really had the opposite effect of what I think they were hoping it would have,” she said.”

The progressive socialist left has been clamoring and begging for an economic recession. Sadly, we have elected officials — and yes, I am sorry President Trump — who got duped into this idiocy of shutting down our nation’s economic productivity over a virus with a 99.6 percent recovery rate. We were told to listen to the “experts” on this COVID-19 issue. But, when the experts are lifelong Democrats, regardless of their credentials, I question their true intellectual capacity and integrity. Dr. Fauci is still running around on leftist media outlets talking about not opening up the American economy. Dr. Birx admitted to very using the very “liberal” classification of COVID-19 related deaths.

I do not need to be an epidemiologist to know how to conduct an analysis and provide an assessment of a situation.

Now, if you like illegal martial law and house arrest, do, please, vote Democrat. If you like having your constitutional rights, liberties, and freedoms subjectively restructured, or fundamentally transformed, according to the ideological agenda of progressive socialists, vote Democrat. If you do, then I will refer to you as being “stuck on stupid.”

Back in 2012, I publicly stated that when I saw a car with a Barack Obama sticker, I saw a person that was a threat to the gene pool...the gene pool of American Liberty. Click To Tweet

Back in 2012, I made an observation while driving down I-95 in Florida. I publicly stated that when I saw a car with a Barack Obama sticker, I saw a person that was a threat to the gene pool…the gene pool of American Liberty. One does indeed have to be stuck on stupid to want to see the demise of the greatest nation the world has ever known. If you do not believe my assessment is accurate, then prove me wrong, but do so by way of intellectual discourse and not the usual pattern of thuggery, coercion, intimidation, threats, and name-calling of denigrating, disparaging, and demeaning monikers.

In closing, congratulations to Congressman-Elect Mike Garcia of California. He proved that even in California, there are those who no longer want to be “stuck on stupid” aligning with the insanity of Gavin Newsom and Eric Garcetti. Good thing for Congressman-Elect Garcia, he won way above the leftist “margin of cheating.” They could not harvest enough ballots to overcome a 12 percent deficit.

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