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Tired of Louis Farrakhan? Raise Your Hand

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Okay, needless to say, you can ascertain the subject of this missive, and I would expect lots of hands to be going up across the land. Those hands that are not going up, well, I have words that cannot be repeated here. There has to come a day when we have the courage to delineate between free speech, and sedition, as well as treason. I am still befuddled as to why John Kerry has not been brought up on charges under the Logan Act. Now, I must ask, what will it take for this nation to finally say enough to Louis Farrakhan?

As reported by Fox News:

“Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, a notorious anti-Semite who recently compared Jewish people to termites and led a “Death to America” chant in Iran, continued his lifelong knack for repugnant remarks by warning President Trump on Thursday not to pull “the trigger of war in the Middle East at the insistence of Israel.” 

Farrakhan, 85, was in the Islamic Republic when he criticized the Trump administration for snapping back economic sanctions on Iran after the U.S. pulled out of a landmark nuclear deal signed during the Obama administration. He told journalists in Tehran he’s “begging” Trump to be “very, very careful.”

“The war will trigger another kind of war which will bring China, Russia, all of the nations into a war,” Farrakhan said. “The war will end America as you know it.”

But Farrakhan’s encore was even more stunning, combining a disparagement of America with an exhortation to kill Jewish people in Israel. Farrakhan told law school students at the University of Tehran that “America has never been a democracy,” before he led a “Death to Israel” chant at the end of his talk, according to Iranian news agencies. 

Farrakhan’s trip coincided with the 39th anniversary of the 1979 seizure of the U.S. embassy in Tehran, when more than 50 American diplomats and civilians were held hostage for 444 days.

The incident kicked off the Islamic Revolution, and Farrakhan told an Iranian audience that black Americans should be considered among the revolutionaries. The infamous activist cited the actions of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, who ordered the release of black Americans among the 1979 captives. After the video surfaced online, Farrakhan said in a statement he “never led a chant calling for death to America.”

First of all, I am an American black man, and I want nothing to do with Iran. I see Iran as a sworn enemy of the United States, and just last month folks down in Camp Lejeune, NC, remembered the Beirut barracks bombing that killed 234 Marines and sailors. That Islamic terrorist attack was carried out by Hezbollah, a proxy army of Iran.

This is the same disgusting, despicable, anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan that was sitting on stage next to former President Bill Clinton at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. It is the same Louis Farrakhan that has been cozying up with Democrats such as Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, Keith Ellison, Andre Carson, and others. Why? Why is this horrible and demented hater given such a platform, a reward for the ugliness he spews? Why is it that the liberal progressive media gives Louis Farrakhan such a wide berth, yet they blame President Donald Trump for everything?

Why is it that the liberal progressive media gives Louis Farrakhan such a wide berth, yet they blame President Donald Trump for everything? Click To Tweet

If Louis Farrakhan wants to travel to Iran to participate in their remembrance of the assault of sovereign US territory, our embassy, and taking our citizens hostage for 444 days, that is his right to do so. But, this should come with consequences, namely, Louis Farrakhan should not be allowed reentry into the United States. He is free to say right there and be a black revolutionary, maybe get a nice mullah robe and hang out with the Ayatollah Khameini.

Is there any such thing as sedition and treason anymore? I fought for free speech in my 22 years in the US Army. This ain’t free speech, this is incitement, dangerous rhetoric, and it must be stopped. Louis Farrakhan is a festering sore, a cancer upon our nation. There is only one way to deal with such a disease, cut it out of the body unless the body be slowly killed. I simply ask this: what good, what service does Louis Farrakhan provide to our country? And if this is not an issue where we can all agree, then his cancer has truly metastasized.

I simply ask this: what good, what service does Louis Farrakhan provide to our country? Click To Tweet

Both of my hands went up, in utter disgust and disbelief that we allow such a vile, vitriolic, and vehement anti-Semite, and seditious individual to stay within our borders.

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