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Never Let the Camel Get its Nose Under the Tent

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There is a saying in the Middle East, “never let the camel get its nose under the tent, the rest of the body will follow.” Here in the good ol’ US of A we say “if you give them an inch, they will take a mile.”

These maxims have relevance to what we see happening in our culture. What is very unnerving for me, and should be to you, is that there are those who believe there are no objective truths. They also believe that there is no such thing as right or wrong, everything is relevant. It has led us down a path where any and every single type of abhorrent behavior can be justified, made morally relevant, and therefore socially acceptable. And of course, if you are one of those who hold to traditional principles, values, morals, and social mores, you are demonized, denigrated, disparaged — burned at the stake as a heretic.

Sadly, much of this falls into the laps of our dear progressive socialist friends. Somehow it is a right for a woman to take the life of an unborn child. Somehow we have come up with this absurd term called “marriage equality” and traditional marriage between one man and one woman is now deemed as some archaic belief. Hmm, when two fellas or two women can produce progeny, proliferate a society with children, produce life, then perhaps, there is equality. Instead we have government, no judicial activists, making emotional decisions based upon the very subjective criteria of “fairness” — legislating love and morality.

Yes, the camel has gotten its nose under the tent and the rest of the body is coming — and the tent may just collapse, especially based upon this recent revelation.

As reported by LifeSiteNews:

“A German medical student sparked online backlash after she was filmed telling an audience that “pedophilia is an unchangeable sexual orientation, just like . . . heterosexuality.” Mirjam Heine gave a lecture in defense of pedophiles during the “independently organized” TEDx Talk at the University of Würtzberg in Germany in May. The title given to Heine’s talk was “Why our perception of pedophilia has to change.”

Introducing her theme with the “story” of “Jonas,” a 19-year-old pedophile who studies law and plays soccer, she asked her listeners to put aside their revulsion for pedophiles. “Anyone could be born a pedophile,” she told them. According to the medical student, pedophilia is just another “unchangeable sexual orientation just like, for example, heterosexuality.” Heine asked her audience to differentiate between sexual attraction to children, which she believes should be accepted and tolerated as involuntary “feelings,” and child sexual abuse, which she underscored was always wrong.  

“The difference between pedophilia and other sexual orientations is that living out this sexual orientation will end in a disaster,” she said.

Meanwhile, Heine made the surprising assertion that “scientific studies” show that only 20 to 30 percent of all child molesters are pedophiles.

“The vast majority of perpetrators are not pedophiles but are sexually interested in adults,” she stated. Her example was a man who sexually abuses his step-daughter because he’s angry at, or jealous of, her mother.

At times Heine’s ideas were confused. She said heterosexuality and pedophilia were both orientations, while saying pedophilia can be “heterosexual,” “homosexual,” and “bi-sexual.” She intimated that a non-pedophile could sexually abuse a child, but also included within her definition of pedophiles people attracted, to a lesser extent, to adults. And although she seems to think people are “born” pedophiles, she also said pedophilia has biological, social, and psychological factors.

For Heine, pedophilia is not something that someone actually does but something that someone would like to do, as a sexual preference that they would “live out freely,” if only it weren’t contrary to leading “an upright life.”

Oh boy, here we go again, normalizing behavior claiming we are “born that way.” Sexuality is a behavior that is learned, not inherently born in any of us. As well, here, once again, we have this moral equivalency assertion that — it pains me to even type this — that pedophilia is a sexual orientation just as heterosexuality. This is how it begins, the claims of “scientific studies,” you know, man-made climate change, and any rejection of said studies will have you labelled as a member of the “flat earth society.”

Many of you are dismissing this, saying it is absurd, but ask yourselves: how is it that a university would allow a lecture on “pedophilia as an unchangeable sexual orientation?” At some point in time, that topic would have been firmly rejected, now it has been allowed presentation.

This is how it all begins: the adoption of abhorrent behaviors into the mainstream. After all, just think about it, who would have ever thought there would be massive protests and rallies against a Supreme Court nominee because he doesn’t believe in killing unborn babies?

Ms. Heine does not represent the camel’s nose, she is part of the body that is coming into the tent. This is what happens when we take a mental condition called gender dysphoria and say we must have laws that accommodate and mainstream it — another part of the camel’s body. And please, do not refer to me as some delusional alarmist, after all we do have an organization that openly exists called NAMBLA — North American Man Boy Love Association.

Speaking of Supreme Court nominees that were viciously assailed, remember Robert Bork? Yes, the fella for whom the term “you just got Bork’d” was named? He was a SCOTUS nominee who was assaulted beyond belief by the leftists . . . Senate Democrats. One has to ask why? It’s simple: he embraced traditional societal values that ran contrary to the implementation of the progressive socialist ideological agenda. Robert Bork wrote a book titled, Slouching Towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and the American Decline. I would assert that Mr. Bork was prescient in his thoughts and predictions, and we can clearly now comprehend why the left did not want him on the Supreme Court.

How long will it be before Ms. Mirjam Heine is invited to speak here in America on the same topic? How long will it be before we see a move towards accepting pedophilia as “an unchangeable sexual orientation” — that someone is born with legitimate sexual preference towards children? It appears that once again, Ms. Heine is making that emotional argument that some adults just are sexually drawn to children, that they sincerely do love them and wish to lovingly, sexually, express themselves, as opposed to those who sexually abuse children. Ms. Heine is trying to make the case to separate pedophilia from child sexual abuse. How long before someone, some lobby group, takes this up and begins a crusade?

Next thing we will see the reintroduction of Vladimir Nabokov’s book “Lolita.” The book will then be made into a Hollywood film, that will get an Academy Award nomination. Then we will see adult-child sexual relationships being portrayed on cable TV, then network TV, and then the final coup de grace argument, why not mainstream these type relationships — that would be fair and love is equal? This was the playbook for the LGBTQ movement, and it is a blueprint which Ms. Heine is introducing.

Yes, we are allowing the camel to get in under the tent. We are slouching towards Gomorrah.

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