Photo of suspected murderer, Carlos Eduardo Arevalos Carranza, in an article on illegal immigration by Allen West on the Old School Patriot.

Nancy’s ‘Newcomers’

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Today I am in Austin, Texas, for the Texas Values Faith and Family Day at the Capitol rally.

The contrast between why we are here today, and the comments of Speaker Nancy Pelosi — from right here in Austin — late last week. We shared with you the insidious nature of what Ms. Pelosi said referencing her affinity for “newcomers” to America, the new progressive socialist lexicon for illegal immigrants. Speaker Pelosi said that if we are against granting voting rights to “newcomers” to America, that constitutes voter suppression. Pelosi even went so far as to invoke California, while doing her press conference in Texas, as an example of how illegal immigrants, oops, sorry, “newcomers” are welcomed there.

Perhaps Ms. Pelosi should prepare to wash out her mouth, as I am about to make her eat crow.

As reported by ABC 7 News:

“Police say 24-year-old Carlos Eduardo Arevalo Carranza, who was arrested for the murder of San Jose mother Bambi Larson, was deported previously and has a long criminal history. 

The suspect had six hold requests from ICE. Police say he is a transient and was arrested in San Jose on Monday and booked into the Santa Clara County Jail for murder. The suspect was arrested following the murder on possession of methamphetamine charges, where police took a DNA sample. That sample linked him to the crime, police say. 

Bambi Larson, 59, was found with multiple stab wounds at her home on Knollfield Way on February 28 after a co-worker became concerned she didn’t show up for work. Larson is the mother of two adult children.”

A friend of mine, local to the San Francisco Bay Area where this story was reported, stated that this man had been detained approximately 10 times over the past three years. Yes, Ms. Pelosi, keep rolling out the welcome mat to these “newcomers” and how many more Americans in California will have to die? Oops, I forgot, the deaths of Kate Steinle, Officer Ronil Singh, Jamiel Shaw Jr., and now Bambi Larson, are just part of a “manufactured crisis.” How damn callous and disgusting can Nancy Pelosi be?

Is this what we want in the Lone Star State, more of these “newcomers” walking, no preying, upon innocent women, able to transit back and forth across a porous border? As well, do we really want these progressive socialists in charge of our nation when they deem ICE the enemy, rather than the ones who are killing us in our homes and neighborhoods? Those who should not be here in America at all?

Maybe Ms. Pelosi and California Governor Gavin “Nuisance” Newsom should heed the words of the San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo:

“This is a devastating tragedy– and my thoughts and prayers go to Ms. Larson’s family during this awful time. I’m grateful to Chief Eddie Garcia and our San Jose Police Department officers for their work in apprehending and arresting this individual and keeping our community safe.  It is long overdue for the County to reconsider its current policy of ignoring ICE hold requests for predatory felons, which undermines the safety of the very immigrant communities we collectively seek to protect.

On July 10, 2015, I sent a letter urging County leaders to review their policies to ensure federal immigration authorities prosecute violent, predatory individuals who pose a serious threat to our residents. My views were consistent with those expressed by Police Chief Eddie Garcia, and with the proposed policy of District Attorney Jeff Rosen, who sought to have the County accept ICE detainers for individuals, like the defendant in this case, arrested for prior first-degree home burglaries and other ‘strike’ offenses. 

The County’s policy has nothing to do with the City’s decades-long policy of declining to have police engage in federal immigration enforcement, which was implemented to protect public safety. In contrast, the current County policy of ignoring detainer requests for individuals arrested for strike offenses and convicted of multiple felonies undermines public safety, and violates common sense.

I hope we can restart this conversation to make progress where we all agree: we can both keep our City safe from violent criminals and protect our law-abiding immigrant community.” 

This happened just south of Nancy Pelosi’s district — on her watch. So, please, no more moralizing about the “rights” of “newcomers.”

What is further disturbing is that we are here in Austin today to fight against the progressive socialist left’s deranged angst against newborn babies . . . those who survive late-term abortive procedures. Yes, here in the Texas State legislature they are introducing legislation to protect born-alive babies.

Yes, we have to have legislation, because of what we have witnessed in New York, and from the Governor of Virginia to protect newborns. Let us not forget that 44 Senate Democrats — including all six declared presidential candidates — voting against protecting newborn babies. Yet, they embrace and welcome “newcomers,” like Carlos Eduardo Arevalo Carranza.

I have one question for our progressive socialist friends: newcomers or newborns? Where do your emotions lie? What has an innocent little helpless baby done to your ilk that these children deserve your hatred, and sentencing to a horrific death? For people who say that the death penalty is inhumane, have y’all ever watched video of a late-term abortive procedure? That is not a “clump of cells” but rather a fully formed little human being. Why is it that we have all these incessant commercials about saving dogs and cats, but you have no compassion for babies? And why do you side with those who are here illegally, referring to them as “newcomers,” providing them with free healthcare, voting rights, as they transit back and forth disregarding our sovereign borders, killing Americans?

Ms. Pelosi, don’t ever come here to Texas again telling us about how y’all welcome “newcomers” in California. If there is one thing we here in Texas do not want, it is to be anything like California, regardless of how many delusional, mindless lemmings flock to the “seductive message of socialism.” Here in Texas — and in America — we do welcome legal newcomers who respect and regard our rule of law. We also welcome our newborns into the world, and into the Lone Star State, and these United States of America.

Today on the south steps of the Texas Capitol building, we few, we merry few, we Band of Brothers and Sisters, unite to honor Texas values, and respect life, yes, for our unborn and newborns. We refute your affinity for criminal illegal immigrants and your culture of death and infanticide. This is why, in the end, progressive socialism will be defeated here in Texas, and others will follow.

Oh, by the way, the State of Ohio’s ban against funding of Planned Parenthood withstood judicial challenge. No, we do not want public funding going to an organization founded by a white supremacist, racist, and one who spoke at KKK rallies. Then again, all those qualities are part of the history of the Democrat Party.

To all reading this missive, choose for yourselves this day: Pelosi’s “newcomers” or American newborns. As for me and my house, we love babies, especially since we all started off as one. What do you love, Ms. Pelosi?

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