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The Question of Dual Loyalties

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Well, it appears that Fox News opinion journalist, Judge Jeanine Pirro, has, indeed, been suspended by the network. The issue seems to be the questioning freshman Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s loyalty based upon her wearing of a hijab. Now, maybe, the reference of the hijab may have been a little off cue, but based upon the history of Rep. Omar’s anti-Semitic assertions and statements, perhaps her own “loyalties” need to be questioned. There is no debate that Rep. Omar hails from an area that has been a hotbed of Islamic jihadism. As well, it should cause us some concern that she can count Louis Farrakhan and CAIR as major supporters, who are, respectively, an individual and organization whose “loyalties” and actions are well-known.

We should ask ourselves why a sitting member of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee is making statements aligning her position on Venezuela with Cuba, Russia, Iran, and China? Yes, on a principled, issue-based, platform we should be asking the question about Rep. Ilhan Omar’s loyalties, and here is another reason why.

As reported by CNS News:

“While serving in the Minnesota Legislature in 2017, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) was one of two state legislators who voted against a bill that would allow insurance companies to block payouts to the relatives of terrorists. 

The bill, H.F. 1397, placed limitations on “payments to beneficiaries of persons furthering terrorism.” The bill was introduced in response to the 2015 San Bernardino shooting massacre, in which 14 people were shot and killed. The perpetrators – Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik – took out two life insurance policies totaling $275,000.

The federal government intervened and sued to seize the money and use it for the survivors and the victims’ families, according to the Daily Caller Foundation’s CheckYourFact.com .

[Rep] Omar’s office did not respond to CNSNews.com’s request for comment.”

Let me explain why this is a very important issue to assess. US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is on record as a state legislator, casting a vote that an insurance company should not be allowed to block payments to terrorists. Rep. Omar believes that insurance companies should pay the beneficiaries of terrorists. Now, someone please tell me, what is the difference between taking that position and the position that Fatah, the Palestinian Authority, takes is providing financial support to the families of Islamic terrorists who have been killed while enacting acts of violence, terrorism?

Look, I think we should all be able to agree that anyone that conducts an act of terrorism, and that would include Timothy McVeigh, along with Nidal Hasan, the Pulse nightclub shooter, Chattanooga jihadist, and others, should not have benefits provided to designated beneficiaries. If anything, as the precedent was established in the San Bernadino case demonstrates, those resources should go to the victims surviving families.

Let’s look at another parallel: the progressive socialist left believes that a firearm manufacturer should be open to a lawsuit and penalty because someone uses a firearm they produce for a criminal purpose. Funny, I wonder if a knife manufacturer is deemed responsible in a stabbing, or if a bat were used, do we sue Louisville Slugger? So, why would anyone take the position that the family of a terrorist should be rewarded for their heinous deeds?

Could one possible interpretation of this vote be that Rep. Omar aligns herself with suicide bombers who would establish lucrative insurance policies that would be paid off to their surviving families? To quote Speaker Pelosi, it wouldn’t it be best to “remove all doubt?”

The onus falls upon the constituents of the congressional district that Rep. Omar is supposed to represent. Those of us on the outside can only ask the appropriate questions, based upon assertions, statements, and actions taken by the Congresswoman. I wholeheartedly welcome those who support Rep. Omar who say that only racists and Islamophobes are challenging her.

Frankly, I couldn’t care less about what Rep. Omar wears on her head. What is of concern is what is in her heart. That dictates what is in her head . . . and leads to what comes out of her mouth. There should be no excuses. This is not about coming from a different culture. This is not about “not understanding language,” or not intentionally knowing what she is saying.

This is about what Rep. Ilhan Omar’s passion is, what drives her soul. I believe that someone from Somalia should be one of the greatest lovers of these United States of America. How many US servicemen lost their lives in the country of her birth trying to make it a better place? What country welcomed her and has enabled her to rise to be a member of the US House of Representatives? Her dreams were fulfilled here, in America. Yet, I have yet to see or hear of Rep. Ilhan Omar cry out in joy for our Constitutional Republic. I wonder if she has ever visited Arlington National Cemetery or the paid homage to MSG Gary I. Gordon and SFC Randall D. Shughart. Maybe y’all have forgotten those names, I haven’t. And, Rep. Omar never should.

Instead of voting for terrorists to receive insurance payments, Rep. Omar should be hanging out at Walter Reed Medical Center spending time with the men, women, and families who have given of themselves fighting for a future Ilhan Omar to be a US Senator perhaps.

Damn right, I do question the congresswoman’s loyalties. If anyone has the right to do so, it is a member of the West family, who has sent four generations of men into combat for this nation.

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