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COVID-19, Courage, and Cowardice

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There are times when I flip on MSNBC or CNN so that I can see and hear what the progressive socialist left is contemplating. Right now, there is one theme, one talking point, one narrative that the left is peddling: fear. They are showcasing, one after another, those who are saying that we cannot open up America, that we are doing it too soon, that there will be a mass second wave, and we are not prepared.

We are in a man-made crisis called massive unemployment and business closures because of the so-called jackasses calling themselves “experts.” They screamed about the “darkest winter of modern history,” a million deaths and a global catastrophe. Sadly, Americans have lost their lives, but this is a virus with a 99.6 percent recovery rate. So now, after the excuse of needing to “flatten the curve” in order to prevent overwhelming our healthcare system, the new excuse is we must have a cure. No, Dr. Anthony Fauci has no credibility with me, nor does he with most Americans. Also, Dr. Deborah Birx lost any relevance with me when she admitted that they have been “rather liberal” with the classification of COVID-19 deaths.

So what do we have in America at this time? We have some truly discredited “experts” and a rabid leftist media spreading panic, paranoia, and hysteria. Stupidly so, we have elected officials who instead of leading, are cowering in fear, or using this as a means to extend their despotism.

Reminder, Sir Winston Churchill stated, “Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.”

America is looking for, searching for, in need of courageous leaders who will not bow down before the “experts” and media. We need leaders who are not reviewing polls or appointing “task forces” to do a study.

I thought about something just this morning while on my morning run. Everyone in Georgia was supposed to be dead by now. Remember?

Governor Brian Kemp was designated America’s “Dumbest Governor” and mocked 24/7 by the liberal progressive media when he opened most of his state three weeks ago. What is interesting is that Gov Kemp’s plan closely resembled that of Democrat Colorado Governor Jared Polis, who was recently at the White House with President Trump.

One former journalist summarized it best in speaking of Gov. Brian Kemp or Georgia, tweeting: “Mark this day. Because two and three weeks from now, the Georgia death toll is blood on his hands. And as Georgians move around the country, they’ll spread more death and economic destruction.”

The reality? Georgia’s  Wuhan virus numbers have actually dropped since re-opening, and their death rate is 45 percent lower than the national average.

Even though the state technically reopened early, there were many restrictions still in place. For example, small shops were open but the stay-at-home order was still in effect – so very few people were actually out and about. Maybe it’s too early to come to conclusions but in any event, let’s not hold our masked breaths and wait for an apology to Gov. Kemp.

Gov Kemp, along with the governors of Florida and Tennessee are examples of courageous officials who are not consulting with pollsters. They are taking responsibility and making hard decisions. They are not worried about what the leftist media outlets will say. Sadly, I wish that I could include my own Texas governor, Greg Abbott, in that grouping. Instead, we here in Texas have allowed little Democrat fiefdoms to develop in the major population centers.

We need to have courage as American people. What I witnessed in Laredo, Texas, a city of 260K,000 where 17 Texans have lost their lives to COVID-19 related illness was disturbing. Implementing a 10 pm curfew is not courageous leadership, it is cowardly despotism, as is what is happening in Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.

If there is one thing that COVID-19 is evidencing in America, it is a clear indication of who is able to make hard and courageous decisions in a trying time, as opposed to those who cowardly use fear, panic, paranoia, and hysteria as a means to institute unconstitutional and despotic orders, mandates, edicts, and decrees.

However, it is incumbent upon We the People to recognize the difference, and embrace the former, and shun the latter.

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